Anvils on my head

By | November 10, 2006

I get headaches. Not that often, but when I do, they tend to be raging, nasty headaches that sometimes last from morning ’til night. They first started the year I graduated from college and began my career as a professional journalist.

Now, while I do suspect that my job occassionally contributes to my headaches, most of the time I think my migraines are brought on by the weather. Specifically, the barometric pressure.

Today, it feels like there is a 10-ton anvil pushing down on the left side of my face. I can’t really see straight because of the pulsing/pounding pains near my left eye. For some reason, Motrin doesn’t seem to be helping today either. It sucks.

I guess I’m not alone. actually has a Aches and Pains Forecast.

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Helen on November 12, 2006 at 11:20 am.

That’s really interesting. I get headaches, I wouldn’t call them migraines exactly, but they can be miserable. I’d wondered if they had anything to do with atmospheric pressure, like if there’s a storm brewing or something… I shall consult the map next time I get one!

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