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Journalism Still Teaching Me How to Take a Stand

By | August 25, 2015

Growing up in a blue-collar, mixed-race family in Connecticut, I was exposed to two distinct styles of argument. My fiery paternal grandmother (a descendant of those witch-burning Salem, Massachusetts Puritans) was the type to declare her opinion on any and all topics, whether you asked for it or not. Shanahan family debates involved loud voices […]

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Breastfeeding Story Finds Audience Through Targeted Social Sharing, Multiple Publication Channels

By | January 18, 2015

In May 2014, I gave birth to my second child – a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Since then, most of my time has been devoted to caring for and nourishing my new kid. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding as the optimal source of nutrition for the first year of a baby’s life, which […]

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What happened to my family during Typhoon Haiyan

By | November 18, 2013

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” –Albert Einstein Post by Hartford Courant.

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I Need to Be a Better Ally: Sexual Harassment Scandal Shakes Science Journalism Community

By | October 21, 2013

[View the story “Objectified, sexually harassed female ____.” on Storify]

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Blocked by a Bits Binge

By | February 15, 2013

How 13 years of online “bits-conditioning” turned me into an aggregation machine. But what I really need to do is write ‘articles’   CUNY Professor Jeff Jarvis caused a stir within journalism circles when he first floated the idea that the “article” should no longer be considered the goal of journalism, rather, “as a value-added […]

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Things are different today, after Newtown school shootings

By | December 17, 2012

“Monday morning, parents must do what for many will still feel excruciating. Send their children to school. And try not to worry. What a regrettable milestone. The safest place isn’t that safe at all.” — Columnist Rick Green, The Hartford Courant My daughter and I spent a lot of time talking about what happened in […]

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A Terrible Day for Women in the News

By | November 2, 2012

[View the story “A Terrible Day for Women in the News” on Storify] A Terrible Day for Women in the News As I scanned my Facebook news feed this morning, the headlines revealed a disturbing trend: Misogyny, alive and well around the world, from Cairo to the U.S. to the Congo to Pakistan. The more […]

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The Makings Of A Great Teacher

By | April 7, 2010

  Saw this blog post make the rounds on Twitter. Although the post is 7 years old, I felt it’s worthy of archiving here, for my own personal  reference. “Practical Theory: What Makes A Great Teacher?” (Photo by

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Why Consumers Aren’t Giving Up Control

By | November 26, 2008

“Everyone’s composing their own flow. And once you start becoming the composer of your own flow, you can’t go back.” – Lars Bastholm, Executive Creative Director at AKQA New York.

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Yes, I Text.

By | September 6, 2008

Yes, I text. My friends. My family. I text privately when talking is inappropriate. I text when I don’t feel like having a long conversation. I once dated this guy who preferred to communicate a lot by text.  The relationship didn’t last very long because, in part, the communication remained really shallow. How much can you really say in […]

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