Soup Helps

By | February 26, 2007

A bit I wrote for’s “5 Places For…” gallery:

…It figures. Less than 24 hours after returning from a long weekend in southern California, I was welcomed back to Connecticut by a winter nor’easter. Five inches of snow mixed with freezing rain, followed by a nasty jolt of bitter cold temps.

I’m not a winter hater, mind you. I like sledding and ice skating and big wool sweaters and cozy fireplaces. And there really is something lovely about the New England landscape when everything is stark white. But the bitter cold… that’s what I hate.

Soup helps. Luckily, living in Connecticut gives us access to some of the tastiest New England Clam Chowder around. So bundle up and head out after work some night for a bowl. My destination of choice was nearby John Harvard’s Brew House in Manchester, CT. The pub/restaurant is a friendly, laid-back place, decorated in warm tones accented by dark wood and dim lighting.

I settled into a comfy booth in the dining area, peeled off my layers of outerwear and eagerly dug into a mini-crock of John Harvard’s hearty chowder. The soup, a staple on the restaurant’s menu, is a straightforward combination of potato cubes and shards of chewy clam with hints of garlic, onion, pepper and a pinch of parsley on top.

Yes, clam chowder is white – the color of snow. But no matter. John Harvard’s super-creamy version tastes good, filled my belly and warmed me up…

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