Mobile News: Characteristics, Content

By | October 17, 2008

Mobile news is versatile, immediate and portable, and if formatted and designed properly, can be just compelling as a news web site or a printed newspaper.

The audience for mobile news is mainly a new audience. It is not the same people who prefer traditional print news. Individuals who subscribe to print products are shrinking in number as information consumption habits shift to digital delivery.

Mobile news/information appeals mainly to young people, who have never known a world without computers, cell phones, SMS and digital audio. Mobile news/information also appeals to technologically savvy working professionals, commuters and parents who spend a lot of time away from home and on the go and who have integrated mobile phone communication into their daily lives.

Based on this audience, here is a list of content that would specifically appeal to a mobile, Connecticut-centric demographic:

  • Local weather reports
  • Traffic updates
  • School closings
  • Sports scores
  • Stock prices
  • Breaking news alerts (crime, politics)
  • Movie times
  • Local event listings database with SMS alerts
  • Local restaurant database including restaurant reviews
  • Searchable local classifieds with SMS alerts (real estate/jobs/cars/auctions)
  • Most popular stories / photo galleries
  • Opportunity to submit/share mobile user-generated content, such as local photos/videos/comments.


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