I recently noticed that all my mobile phone text messages have gone to the same recipient lately – Google.

Instead of dialing 411 for information and paying a $1 charge, now I always text GOOGL.

A recent example: I needed the number for Ginza Restaurant in Bloomfield to make a reservation. But I was traveling in my car and didn’t have the phone number.

So I sent Google a text message. I do this pretty often, apparently.

To: 46645 (the equivalent of GOOGL on the keypad)
Message text: “ginza, bloomfield ct” (You can also put in the zip code if you know it – “ginza, 06002”)

Google responded with another text message in about 15-20 seconds. And the information Google provided was on the money (and free!)

It’s such an improvement over Verizon Wireless information at 411. Every time I used that service, the Verizon operator was either unable to find a listing for my request or would give me the WRONG number and then charge me (!) for useless information.

Does anybody else use GOOGL on their cell phone?

7 thoughts on “Text GOOGL

  1. I always use it for weather! Just type “weather” + zip code. So like “weather 10307” and it’ll respond with the weather for your area for today and the next couple of days!

  2. Oh, and you can use it for directions too if you know where you are. Just type “address (or just city/state) TO address (or just city/state)”. Not case sensitive either!

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