Warm Dessert

By | January 18, 2007

A bit I wrote for ctnow.com’s “5 Places For…” gallery:

There’s an easy way to tell if a dessert is a success. After just one bite, the flavor and texture of a truly extraordinary confection will stun a person speechless.

The Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding at Burton’s Grill in South Windsor had this effect on me and a friend. As we spooned the first taste of the warm, chewy dessert into our mouths, we both let out a soft sigh. Sweetness surrounded our palates.

Then we both seemed to sit very still and silent, savoring the luscious, melted chocolate chips while they mingled with nutty Irishman creme anglaise on our taste buds.

All day, I had been complaining that my body couldn’t warm up after reading “12 degrees” on my car’s thermometer. A few more bites off that big cube of chocolate chip bread pudding and “12 degrees” didn’t matter anymore.


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