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By | March 31, 2007

Places I’ve visited recently:

The Spa at Norwich Inn – Took a day off for a much-needed spa day with the girls. Massage. Facial. Sauna. Sunshine. The experience left me so relaxed, I floated through the rest of the day. If only that vibe could last longer (and cost less…)

Max’s Tavern, Springfield – Seriously packed on a Friday night (with lots of men, too!) This may be because the restaurant/bar is located at the Basketball Hall of Fame. Dinner was good – the colossal shrimp especially, as well as the martinis.

Mediza, West Hartford – Mediterranean food. Warm, cozy atmosphere. Good flatbreads.

The Red Onion Restaurant, South Windsor – No frills, family-style Italian. Decent pizza. Seemed to be popular with the over 65 crowd on an early Wednesday evening.

Ted’s Montana Grill at Evergreen Walk, South Windsor – I don’t care if this restaurant/bar pads the pocket of media mogul Ted Turner. The house margaritas are worth every penny.

Build-A-Bear Workshop at Buckland Hills, Manchester – Birthday party for one of my daughter’s classmates. We stuffed a Hello Kitty!

Cyr Arena, Springfield – Ice skating with the family on Sunday afternoons in March.

And speaking of ice skating, I also saw “Blades of Glory” on opening night. Will Ferrell is friggin’ hilarious.

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