Yes, I Text.

By | September 6, 2008

Yes, I text. My friends. My family. I text privately when talking is inappropriate. I text when I don’t feel like having a long conversation. I once dated this guy who preferred to communicate a lot by text.  The relationship didn’t last very long because, in part, the communication remained really shallow. How much can you really say in 140 taps? How much is misunderstood?

I use some abbreviations when texting , but I prefer to type out the full words and use punctuation. Can’t help it. I’m a journalist. I want the recipient of my text to know what I’m talking about. When my mother texts me from the Philippines, I sometimes have no idea what she is saying because of her bizarre textspeak. Then I have to send her another message asking for a clearer explanation.     

You can certainly use text to communicate in the “backchannel” – like passing a note in class. But it shouldn’t ever be used as someone’s primary or sole form of communication. There is value in hearing another human being’s voice and seeing the expression on their face.

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